Morland Protect Cable Cover Mat

A simple way to quickly and easily provide protection for trailing, cords, cables and leads against trips and falls. Available in both carpet mat for indoors and in a full rubber mat for outdoors. Both with highly visible black and yellow hazard borders. Simply lay over the cables, there is a shallow channel in the back to help align the wires to the centre, and the weight does the rest. Simple safe and repositionable.

Morland Protect Rubber Cable Cover Mat

The Morland Protect Rubber Cable Cover Mat is perfect to protect the charging cable on your electric vehicle. Made from Nitrile Rubber it is resistant to oil and grease and can be pressure wash cleaned and scrubber.

A weighty mat with an integrated cable channel helps locate the cables under the mat. this simplicity ensures it can be quickly and easily lifted and repositioned as work progresses on the job site.